Who we are

About us

SAVE THE SLUM INITIATIVE is a private non-political, non-profit organization created in 2017 as a response to the current need to improve the life of people living in slums and local communities across Nigeria.

We are managed by independent non-partisan indigenous professionals with experience in various fields of WASH, Empowerment, Health and Education. Our team has unrdergone special trainings in humanitarian sectors, community development and intervention programmes.

Our Vision

To improve the quality of life and dignity for the urban poor.

Our Mission

Working with urban poor to bring about long term and sustainablet ransformation to their quality of life through implementation of programs, humanitarian and protection interventions with participatory approach to defeat poverty, ignorance and prosperity which guarantees stability and a protective environment.

Our Goal

To ensure that all persons have access to a dignified living.

Without adequate sanitation, safe water and hygiene, the health and wellbeing of a society suffers with significant consequences for social and economic participation and development. We specialize in environmental education and WASH services to protect the public health of urban poor and local communities, as a result help improve their quality of life.

The lack of access to WASH facilities in slums, communities, shelters has deprived people of better living conditions, especially children. Our mission therefore is to provide communities with safe water, sanitation infrastructures and education on good hygiene practices and wellbeing. We would help slum dwellers, local communities achieve a better and improved quality of life. So in response tot his STSI is aimed to tackle this problem in four main practice areas WASH, health, Education and Empowerment, which create employment opportunities and income generation projects for the Youth, Women, IDPs and poor rural communities to reduce the level of poverty and contribute to National Development Goals.

Our objectives

  • Significant improvement in access to sustainable, safe water and environmental sanitation for poor and vulnerable communities in access to clean and safe water.
  • Promotion of safe hygiene and empowering people to be WASH compliant.
  • Significant improvements in access to use household and community latrines.
  • Reduction of the prevalence of WASH-related diseases, including trachoma, Guinea worm, and diarrhea diseases.
  • Helping the urban poor children get access to quality education.
  • To promote income generating activities and create vocational skills for the women, youngsters and young adults to become self-sufficient and reduce the level of poverty living.

Our core values

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Our work principles

Transparency and accountability
Mutual respect
Gender sensitiveness
Cost efficiency
Utilization of local wisdom and resources
Encouragement of innovation
Prioritizing quality
Enhancing coordination and networking
Accepting challenges