Waham Mado Gadzama

Allow us to introduce Waham Mado Gadzama, an accomplished individual with a dynamic educational background and a proven track record of impactful contributions. Graduating from the University of Maiduguri with a degree in physics, Waham’s academic journey showcases his commitment to learning and personal growth.

Complementing his physics degree, Waham has pursued further education in the realm of technology. He holds a diploma in computer application from BB Computer and a diploma in computer web design from Stepro Computer, highlighting his proficiency in the digital domain.

Waham’s professional trajectory is equally impressive, having garnered valuable experience from renowned organizations. His journey includes notable roles at SALIENT INTERNATIONAL, UNDP, and PLAN INTERNATIONAL. These experiences have honed his skills and broadened his perspectives, making him a versatile and knowledgeable professional.

Currently, Waham stands as a dedicated member of the Save The Slum Initiative (STSI) team. His expertise and unwavering dedication are instrumental in driving positive change within the initiative. Waham’s multi-faceted background, coupled with his commitment to making a difference, positions him as an invaluable asset to both his team and the community at large.