Samuel Adeyinka

Meet Samuel Adeyinka, the esteemed Executive Director of Save The Slum Initiative. With a Postgraduate Diploma in Peace and Conflict and his ongoing pursuit of a Masters in International Relations leading to a PhD in International Development and Policy at the University of Maiduguri, Samuel is a visionary leader committed to effecting positive change.

A fervent advocate for Women, Youth, and Children in Africa, Samuel has accumulated an impressive nine-year track record in humanitarian aid work across the continent.

Throughout his illustrious career, Samuel has led a spectrum of impactful projects spanning sectors including WASH, Nutrition, Child Protection, GBV, Education, Livelihood, Economic Development, Peacebuilding, Human Capacity Development, and Health. His leadership knows no bounds, as he has navigated challenges to foster peace, social cohesion, and unity in war-torn and remote communities across Nigeria’s Northeast, North West, Southwest, and North Central regions.

Collaborating with esteemed international organizations including UNICEF, IOM, SOLIDARITIES INTERNATIONAL, and ZOA International, Samuel has spearheaded numerous life-changing humanitarian interventions across various Nigerian states. Under his guidance, Save The Slum Initiative has positively impacted the lives of over 1 million individuals in slums and rural communities.

Beyond his role as a dedicated humanitarian aid worker, Samuel holds the prestigious position of Lead Speaker at the Thinkers Leadership Academy, a platform nurturing global leaders. As a youth voice on national TV and radio stations, he is deeply committed to empowering emerging leaders from underserved communities.

Samuel’s vision extends globally, encompassing expansion of operations to other African countries and beyond, with a resolute commitment to creating transformative impact worldwide.