Okoye Esther

Introducing Okoye Esther, a distinguished Chartered Accountant who holds a wealth of expertise in finance, administration, and operations. A graduate of accounting from Bowen University, With a professional background as a certified accountant, she possesses over three years of invaluable experience spanning diverse sectors. Okoye’s adept understanding of the International Financial Reporting Standard (IFRS) equips her with a comprehensive command over financial reporting, budgeting, and financial control.

Okoye’s exceptional proficiency shines through her remarkable capacity to discern and address weaknesses within an organization’s internal control framework. This unique skill exemplifies her unwavering commitment to enhancing operational efficiency and effectiveness, positioning her as an indispensable asset to any collaborative team.

Her adeptness in interpersonal dynamics is a noteworthy trait, and her meticulous attention to detail underscores precision in every endeavor. As a dedicated team collaborator, Okoye is resolute in achieving set objectives and wholeheartedly supports colleagues in achieving collective deliverables, all underscored by her unwavering enthusiasm. Her proactive approach and steadfast dedication solidify her status as a pivotal and cherished member of our esteemed team.