Bethalyn Ngozi Obison

Introducing Bethalyn Ngozi Obison, a remarkable individual with an impressive educational background and extensive professional experience. She holds a Diploma in Mathematics and Statistics from Federal Polytechnic Bauchi, along with a B.Sc. in Economics from the University of Maiduguri.

Bethalyn’s career journey reflects her dedication and expertise. With a solid foundation of knowledge, she has amassed a wealth of experience across various sectors. Her professional journey includes:

Before join STSI, Bethalyn has garnered four years of valuable experience in this role, having worked with renowned institutions such as Ecobank International and Stanbic Ibtc. Her contributions have been instrumental in maintaining efficient cash management.

Liaison and Procurement Officer: During her two-year tenure at Fornash Global Company in Maiduguri, Bethalyn excelled as a Liaison and Procurement Officer. Her keen negotiation skills and attention to detail greatly contributed to the company’s operations.

Team Lead: Bethalyn’s leadership capabilities shone during her two-year role as a Team Lead at Transcription Services International Ltd. (TRANSSIL) in the Maiduguri office. Her adept management and guidance ensured seamless workflow and team success.

Bethalyn’s journey exemplifies her commitment to excellence and her ability to thrive in dynamic and challenging environments. Her diverse skill set and valuable experiences make her a valuable asset to any team.